Tales of Legendia
歌:Donna Burke

Oh how the time has flown by
Has it been so long since last goodbyes
You'd never guess the changes here
A subway station on our street

Remember waking up with all that noise
Hammering and shouting from 9AM
Calling us to begin
Calling us to our secret place
Where face to face we'd kiss

And I'll never forget
The night when we first met
The freezing cold, the frozen air
You held on to both my hands
And asked me if I was cold
But now my dear you're never here with me
Just like a firefly
Burns brightly soon to die eternally

Then all at once the stars disappeared
And in the distance dawn's reprieve
Broke through the darkest powers of night
So once again the world was right

And it seems so strange that I was once so scared
By dawn's cool light I was unprepared
But even though I'm feeling strong
And I've learned how to get along
I'll never stop feeling so wrong

When I placed that lonely flower
upon your pale cold cheek
I felt so lost I couldn't speak
When friends they began to cry
Calling their last goodbyes
Silence was your solemn reply
A sacred flame burnt
upon the ocean of your soul


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